“Donna is so efficient at making tax filing almost painless. She educates you too, so every year, filing becomes an easier task. It’s a pleasure to work with her!” – Barbara Selnick

“Donna Secular made the filing process easy. She not only filed the usual information, but she made many suggestions that will benefit me this year too. She’s a delight to work with!” – Janet Horton

“Donna is a spectacular person and a delight to work with. I highly recommend her to you. She’s a peach!” –  Marion Phelps

“I would recommend Donna to any client that needs a personal touch. She has the experience and expertise to get the job done. There is no business that is too small and If you have questions Donna will take the time to answer them so that you understand.” – Diane Berry

“For the past few years, Donna has been providing bookkeeping services as well as preparing tax returns and giving financial advice for both of my businesses, as well as for me personally. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and punctual with all of my filings, and always saves me money in taxes by helping me to take advantage of all of my legal options. I would highly recommend her services to any individual or business.” – Carolyn Wright

“Donna is an experienced accountant that I have trusted to take care of my personal and business tax filing needs for over ten years. As my financial status became more complex, her strong understanding of tax laws helped me qualify for legal exemptions that I had not previously known about. I highly recommend Donna for your accounting, tax preparation and tax consulting service needs.”   – Ralph Navarro

“I am honored to recommend Donna Secular. Her work is exemplary. Taxes and Bookkeeping can be stressful. Donna is always current and up-to-the-minute on tax codes and all information regarding tax codes, deadlines and any related issues. She really knows how to save your business time and money, excels with Small Businesses and individuals, and stands by her philosophy: ”It’s not what you make but what you keep that counts” She’s honest, on schedule, an excellent problem solver, and takes excellent care of her clients. Donna knows her business-and yours. I recommend Secular and Associates above all others.”   – Sara Diaz

“Donna Secular prepared my tax return, which was very complicated with several unusual situations, in addition to myself being a small-business owner. I needed it done fast because of an application with a deadline that required my tax information. Donna prepared my return right on time, with maximum deductions and a surprising amount of refund. She was immediately available for my questions and concerns, any time of day (and late into the night…). I HIGHLY recommend Donna Secular as an exceptionally reliable and very knowledgeable tax professional who will take the stress out of your tax return, no matter what your situations are, and find you deductions you never thought of. She is more than worth the cost of professional tax preparation.”   – Kate Rollins